Greetings, Vdub fans!

So, what's this site all about then? If you want the detailed, nerdy, long-winded description try the about page. But perhaps a briefer explanation:

I wanted a web site that provided me with all the info about forthcoming VW events in as many ways as possible:

That site didn't exist, so I made it :)

"Oh, hi! I'm a promoter. How do I use this site?"

Excellent! This site is/will be nothing without your involvement. If you have events to promote, please register (it takes no time at all) and start adding your events to our database. You'll be able to amend/delete as you choose at any time.

"But I already update other sites with this info. Why do it again?"

Good question (that you didn't actually ask but we asked on your behalf to make a point)! The idea is that if you enter the data here, you can treat this as 'the master'. Those other sites that you update? Point them to the data feed for your events. Update once, update everywhere ... or at least that's the plan.

How can I use this data on my own site?

Best advice is to head over to the developers' page. There you'll find code samples, widgets and so on that will explain how you can use this data on your own site.

"I'm not a promoter, I just love Vdubs!"'

Great! This is all for you, then. The whole idea is to give you event information however you want it. Go try it out, see what you can find.

To really get the most out of this, register on the site, browse for some events and then start to add yourself as an attendee for any that you'll be going to (you can also 'watch' an event to show that you might be going). This is where it starts to get interesting ...

We can use that information about the events you're attending to do the following:

  • Create a custom, printable calendar with your year's events already pre-filled (TODO)
  • Find out which of your Twitter friends are going to the same event (TODO)
  • Give you a little JavaScript widget that you can add to your own web site or blog which will list the shows you're going to. (TODO)

And there's more in the pipeline.

This is all good, but ...

Ah, so you have thoughts on this? Please, do share your feedback. I'd love to make any adjustments that can make this a truly useful service for all.

Events taking place in next 7 days

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Events taking place within next month

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